Merging Programmatic and Creative

Published: January 3, 2017
226617050_11602530828462960890Professional marketers know more than anyone that advertising survives on creative and innovative communication. But the only way to truly ‘talk’ to millions of people individually and to reach the right consumers in the right context and time in order to drive better campaign results is mixing programmatic and creative. Involving creative agencies from the outset of the campaign process is one of the main factors that can make a campaign successful. The situation when the creative agency and production are brought into the campaign process after the media strategy has been decided is very common. To build more relevant creative strategies for your target audience you should inform the creative agency of all the data you will work with from the start of your project. Close collaboration between planning, analytic and creative teams enable your brand to maximize the value of programmatic and to create the most relevant campaigns.   Over the years we, at R2Digital, have realized that mixing creativity and programmatic requires several considerations:   Content. The content is what makes the ad personal and memorable. Great brands stand out not just as a result of their content, but the main idea behind it. Data and technology are a complement, but not a replacement for idea-led content. Data and technology. Marketers must keep ahead of the constantly evolving technologies in the industry and understand today’s latest and most advanced ways to deliver the ads of tomorrow. Its also important to consider how the creative message/components will work in the programmatic environment. Availability. Studies have shown that consumers may use multiple interactive devices throughout the day, depending on the situation and their needs. From smartphones, tablets to regular desktop computers – marketers must understand that they should make their creative adaptable and available in multiple formats across all devices. Programmatic as a technology enables distribution of truly dynamic ads, leaving space for creativity on behalf of advertisers. While some argue that programmatic is killing creativity, it seems that it’s actually paving the path to new ways of creative thinking. Marketers should consider the opportunity to reach their target audience as an opportunity to expand their creative strategies and embrace programmatic on a completely new level. As consumers increasingly turn to new media as a source for communication and entertainment, advertisers and marketers must come up with new strategies and tactics to meet the needs of the new generation.