Increase the potential of your inventory

Solutions implemented by r2digital enables any publisher to analyze, optimize and increase the potential as well as worldwide promotion of inventory.

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Payment options

A wide range of payment options is available (Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Web Money, Bitcoin, Paxum)

Proper advertisements

Advertisements should be fitting to your website and connect the website’s readers. They should bring you an appropriate profit as well. We always have the website in mind. Therefore, we will not negatively affect your website’s reputation by placing or displaying advertisements of bad quality. Moreover, we consider your visitors and analyze the way they react to the advertisements that we deliver.

Top advertisers

The register of R2digital is immeasurable. It contains the best and largest brand names in the IT industry. In case you search for certain advertisers, we will gladly provide you with advertisement blocks by advertiser, category, industry and media that would be suitable for your website

Consultative approach

Our consultants are always at your service anytime you may need a custom analysis or general guidance. We will assist you in increasing your website’s conversion rate, CTR, traffic performance on a real time basis and with full transparency. Our experience and thousands of websites that exist in our network guarantee our professionalism and a customer-oriented approach.